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Mini-dairy plant of modular-container type made from fast-mounted construction on the light foundation. During design it was taken into account the needs of a small village in the independent production of traditional dairy products.

 The equipment of the company provides the following types of products:

Product Dosage/Packing
Pasteurized milk 1 l. packet or bottle
Kefir  1 l. packet or bottle
Sour plastic bag
Cream plastic bag
Butter cartoon box
Curd (Cottage cheese) plastic cup
Hard cheese 
4.5 kg – bar covered in emulsion as well as in
vacuum package as a piece or cut

Co-products during production are serum (in the production of cheese and cottage cheese) and buttermilk (in the production of oil), which are commonly used as livestock feed.

Production process:

Stage Description
Acceptance Dairy plant is able to receive, cool and store 1000 liters of milk per a day
Milk separation Milk is separated at acceptance of warm milk or pasteurization - performance 500 l / h
Pasteurization Milk and cream are pasteurized batchwise method. Total production during the pasteurization of milk and cream is 1000 liters per day

It will be appreciated that the overall performance of the dairy plant largely depends on a set of products, production technology and proper organization of production process.

The maximum quantity of particular products made from 1,000 liters of milk are listed below. You must remember that production of these products excludes production of others:

Pasteurized milk
1000 l/day
1000 l/day
100 l/day
150 l/day
40 kg/day
Curd (Cottage cheese)
150 kg/day
Hard cheese 
90 kg/day


Production equipment

1. hopper tank, 100 l, stainless steel.
2. receiving milk pump / feed pump of separator.
3. separator 500 l / h.
4. 2 pcs. containers for cream.
5. transferring pump for milk / whey, used for washing.
6. storage bin for 1,200 liters of milk, under which there is a container of ice water with a mixer and pump as well as their own refrigeration unit.
7. The production bin of 500 l - for pasteurisation, cooling and leavening.
8. Packing semiautomatic device, 300 pcs. / h. Pure-Pak.
9. Feeding pump of semiautomatic packaging.
10. Production bin 500 l - for pasteurisation, cooling and leavening, is also used as boiler for cheese.
11. Forms for curd cheese 12 pieces.
12. Press for cheese.
13. The salt-coating for cheese with cooling spiral.
14. Shelves for aging of cheeses.
15. Production bin of 150 L – for pasteurization, cooling and leavening (cream).
16. Oil churn.
17. Oil truck with a removable perforated panel, which is used as a tray for fill in cheese forms and curd bags.
18. Wheel working table, stainless steel.
19. Incubator for leavening, 25 liters.
20. Filled scales of 0-60 kg.
21. Mobile 2-part washing bath.
22. Cheese slicer.
23. Vacuum packer.
24. Scales for labeling.

- The required amount of pipes, valves and hoses;
- Laboratory equipment for measuring solids, acidity, fat and hygienically purity of milk and milk products;
- Set of necessary hand tools.

Auxiliary techniques:

- Storage water heater
- Refrigeration equipment for cooling storage premises
- Compressor
- 2 points for feeding water with hoses
- water source in laboratory, sink and stainless steel work table
- toilet and wash basin.

Construction techniques:

The building consists of 3 modules, all the production equipment and auxiliary equipment equipped with common gable roof are installed. External dimensions of the building make 13,000 * 9.000 mm at an internal height 2,700 mm. Besides
production facilities there are refrigeration
warehouse, premises for aging cheeses, expedition premises, laboratories, toilet and technical compartment.

The dairy plant building is designed for operation at the temperatures range from -40 ° C to + 30 ° C.
Customer builds the foundation and provides a switching board of water supply and sewage supply, as well as the necessary lifting and rigging equipment during installation of the plant.

Power supply 90 kW.
Water - 3 m3 / h
Pressure - 3 bar.
Sewage - 3.5 m³ / h (110 mm).


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