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Module plants are supplied on a "turn-key" principle and they include production facilities, technological equipment, installation, commissioning and training of the personnel and process.
Meat processing plant “Waiz MIT-1000” - finnish equipment

Delivery of the complex includes the design and manufacture of the whole complex. Designing and manufacturing is carried out in accordance with regulatory requirements.

The supply includes technological equipment, engineering systems according to design capacity for processing, packaging, storage and dispatch of jerky meat. In addition, the supply includes various technical premises.

The supply includes training of the customer’s technicians and training of the customer’s operators how to handle the technology equipment plant to be performed during the trial launch of the complex.




Plant capacity - 1 ton per shift. The installation consists of six (6) production modules

Raw: fresh and frozen blocks and carcass (pork, beef).

1. Production of sausages

a. sausages, snags for grill (150 kg / truck) 1500 kg / shift or

b. boiled sausage caliber of 90 mm (300 kg / truck) 1200 kg / shift.

c. Ham in mesh caliber of 110 mm (300 kg / truck) 600 kg / 12 hours (overnight production)

2. Canned Meat

a. Tins weighing 400 g, 1000 kg / shift

3. Fresh, sliced meat assortments

a. Meat vacuum packaging or packaging type flow-pack and label - 1.5 m / shift



Buildings of the plant LL-1,5.6,  total area of about 250 m2 modules = 6 modules, including engineering network and engineering equipment of the building, heating equipment, water supply, air conditioning, electrics, refrigeration.
Meat processing plant premises, including necessary technological equipment, refrigerators, refrigeration equipment of refrigerators, auxiliary facilities, technical compartments, household premises of staff, office spaces and necessary corridors for the processes.


The following works are not included in the scope of delivery: All the works in the territory, including earthworks, local area networks (electricity, water, sewer, gas, waste water and so on.), roads and areas for vehicles on the site , lawns and landscaping.

Building foundation works, as well as sewage and so on. under the building will be made by the customer; the customer will build the base of the building to the level of +0.00 in accordance with the instructions and drawings of supplier (base load, the foundation 1 t / m 2).

The fence and gate area; connection to municipal networks.

Customs duties, taxes and royalties to be paid in the country of delivery.

Terms of delivery of equipment:

1. Delivery time: up to 130 working days.

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