49083, Ukraine, Dnipro city, st. Sobinova, 10

tel.: +38 (056) 732 44 22

mob.: +38 (050) 320 26 60

E-mail: waiz@waiz.com.ua

Equipment “Waiz –1000” forms the briquettes of predetermined weight. The size range - from 50 to 500 grams. Excellent for such products as halva, kissel, etc.


Performance, briquettes / h from1000 *
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm 2400х800х1200
Weight of briquettes, gram                 50-500
Precision of adjustment, gram +/-1,0
Power consumption, kW 4,4
Equipment weight, kg 420
Attendants number, persons 1

*-Depending on the kitting



The ready mass is loaded into the feed hopper of the machine, then is fed into the rotary drum with the piston that makes reciprocation. There are calibrated forms for accepting mass inside it. When the piston moves forward ready briquettes are issued simultaneous from the drum. The piston then moves back while turning the drum. The loading of the products and full cycle repeat again.

The size and weight of the briquettes are controlled by a replaceable tool that allows to change the weight of the briquette from 50 to 500 grams. The number of working cycles can be adjusted to achieve the optimal performance.

There are virtually no waste products when working on this equipment. The serving staff does not require high engineering skills.


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