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Line for production and packaging of ground coffee (capacity of 130-150 kg per hour).

The line consists of:
1. Roster "VAYZ-150" is designed for roasting of green coffee beans
2. Coffee mill "VAYZ-400" is designed for grinding high quality coffee
3. Packaging machine "UAFU-VAYZ" is intended to pack ground coffee in package


Roasting MULTI-roaster "Waiz-150"

Production capacity - 150 kg / h
Gas consumption - 65 kg / m
Power - 380
Power consumption - 3.5 kW / h
Burner: gas and diesel (2 pcs. Supply set) also work on a solid fuel.

1. Furnace; 2. Hopper for raw product; 3. Cooling plate; 4. Cooling plate; 5. Block of electronic ignition; 6. Thermal conductivity collector; 7. Remote control unit; 8. Electricmotor; 9. Husk-removingmachine.

Production coffee mill


Model: "VAYZ" 400
Production capacity: 400 kg / h of average quality coffee (filter / espresso) to 80 kg / h of higher quality coffee.
Hopper capacity: 30 kg of coffee beans
Weight: 275 kg
Power: 220-380 Volts, 50-60Hz, 3-phase power supply
Motor power: 7.5 kW
Grinding disc diameter: 30 cm
Color: Red, Black, Grey

Diagram of coffee grinder "Waiz-400"


Name of the components

2. Feeding valve.

3. Regulatory mechanism: allows to set the required thickness of coffee

4. Channel of output for the ground coffee

5. Bowl for transferring coffee

6. Power button: enable / disable.

7. Cooling fan. It is used for cooling "jacket"









Packing machine UAFU-Waiz

Packaging machine is designed for organization of continuous cycle of filling any non-dusting bulk products, including hard-bulk, by the weight bather, and packaging them in plastic film.

It consists of a packaging machine and weigh batcher. It operates automatically and delivers up to 20 packs per minute.

Technical specifications:
Power supply: 380 V;
Power consumption: 1 kW / h;
Air consumption: 100 l. / Min;
Dimensions and weight: 2000h1500h3000 mm, 350 kg;
Weight of 1 dose: 20-2000 g
Adjusting of the temperature of the solder assembly.

Delivery time: up to 60 calendar days.


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