49083, Ukraine, Dnipro city, st. Sobinova, 10

tel.: +38 (056) 732 44 22

mob.: +38 (050) 320 26 60

E-mail: waiz@waiz.com.ua

Line for the production extruded combi-feed of up to 150 kg / h “Waiz-150”
The line is intended for the production of extruded combi-feed for poultry, fish, cattle, pigs, horses.

The line is intended for production of dry breakfasts from cereals in automatic mode. The finished product is a extruded corn flakes or pellets in the glaze of sugar syrup. 

Production and packaging of the crisp air mouth-watering corn sticks.

Automated line for production and packaging of fast-cooked (45 seconds) porridge.

Line for production of baby food for children from 6 months age: quick-cooking cereals  (dairy-free, dairy, with natural dried fruit and vegetables) from a variety of cereals.

The line is designed for automatic continuous production of corn sticks.

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