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The line is designed for automatic continuous production of corn sticks.

How it works:

Raw materials (corn grits) is moistened in a mixer before extrusion. Further, the raw material is fed by the operator into the hopper of the extruder. At the exit the extruder we have a semi-finished product - corn sticks. The semi-finished product is fed into the storage bin automatically by pneumatic conveyor.The stick arrives from the hopper my means of vibrating natcher to the bucket conveyor, which moves the stick into the cone of the weighing device. When the required dose is loaded in cone, the strain gauge transducer sends a signal to stop the drive of vibrating batcher and supplying conveyor. Controlled dose (using weights device) is required to comply with the percentage of flavor additive to the stick.Retuning of measurement cone to the grinders is performed manually by the operator along the guide line. The semi-finished product is poured from the cone into the grinder, the puts the oil using oil-pumping station and a dry flavor additive. After the sticks comes out from the grinder we are able to obtain the finished product. The product is supplied on a horizontal conveyor by which it is fed into the hopper vibrating batcher The product gets into the bucket conveyor by vibrating batcher in order to supply the stick into the hopper of packing and filling machine. At the exit to the packaging and filling machines we have finished product packed in a plastic film product - corn sticks with flavoring additive. Pockets arrives from the packing machine to the outgoing conveyor which picks up the packages on the packing table, where they are packed in shipping containers.

The line consists of:

1. Mixer for mixing and moistening cereals before extrusion
2. Extruder (capacity up to 110 kg / h - when extruded corn cereals. Cooling and ventilation of the extruder should be set in place. Power supply  - 380 V, installed capacity of ≈ 22 kW, it is required the suction and delivery of the water to cool the extruder).
3. The conveyor with blower (for feeding sticks into a bag or filling bin with air).
4. Hopper (for collecting sticks).
5. Conveyor from the hopper to the weighing device (used for measuring the dose of sticks to feed into the grinder).
6. Weighing device.
7. Apparatus for irrigation with oil (to apply oil on sticks to hold sugar, salt, flavorings).
8. Grinders (2 pcs)(used to apply sugar, salt, flavorings on sticks).
9. Horizontal conveyor (for supply of sticks from grinders on the conveyor of packaging and filling machines).
10. Conveyor for feeding sticks into the filling machine (takes sticks into the hopper of the packing machine).
11. Packaging and filling machines (up to 30 packs / min).
12. Outgoing conveyor (for supply packaged sticks out of packaging and filling machines on the packaging table).
13. Packaging table (for packaging packs in shipping containers (bags, boxes)).

Line specifications:

Power consumption: 31 kw / h;
Production capacity: 100 kg / h;
Area required for placement of the equipment: 60 sq.m.
It is possible sale particular line element on your choice or our recommendation.
Both the line and some of its components are certified in Ukraine, Russian Federation and European Union.
Terms of production - 15 - 60 calendar days, depending on the configuration, from the receipt of 50% deposit.

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